Robots are Rising

Robots seem to be everywhere these days–but at the same time nowhere, at least yet.  But thats about to change.  Below is a collection of some recent stories that capture how far robotics have come, while just touching upon the possibilities of where we can go.

I don’t know if we are in a position to call them our robotic overlords just yet, but acquaintances maybe, and in some cases probably even friend – but be very careful with whom you call friend.

robotic future


2 Responses to Robots are Rising

  1. lol @ the Futurama snippet! Super interesting article. Advancement in technology, and robotics in particular, actually reminds me of the concept that “we were created in the creators image” — and by extension, we were created to create in OUR image! It is interesting to see how the most meaningful technological advancements are actually trending to be more and more like, umm, OURSELVES!

    Great post friend, thanks for sharing!

    • YES. Was just having that exact conversation the other day! Thanks for responding.

      We are moving beyond a point where we are manufacturing companionship and a cheaper means to an end. Robots will improve exponentially in ways we never imagined once they’ve become fully integrated in our society.

      This will be a brave new world in about 20 years.

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