Can we finally get serious about gun control?

Does this country finally have the balls to rethink gun control? What are we actually afraid of? The NRA? Sure, they have the big guns, and they are using them against us, but it’s time we grow up and finally face them.

This whole “rural debate” or “hunting as a time-honored tradition” stance just isn’t enough anymore. If that is your position, and we keep these laws that allow guns in the hands of criminals in place because of those traditions, maybe it’s time for the sake of national security you find a new hobby. The right for you to sit in the woods all day, drink beer, while waiting for a deer to walk by for you to shoot is being paid for at the expense of innocent Americans in malls, clinics, and schools.

I don’t feel safe in this country anymore. It’s not the Syrians or any other fringe group right wing politicians are pointing at that is making me feel this way. It’s the NRA, gun lobbyists, and their supporters. Way too often now we are hearing about lunatics and guns. Enough is enough. Let’s finally get serious about gun control, or dare I say it, gun elimination.